Multicoloured shirts, made to order

I want to make it clear that all my shirts are hand made by myself, I don’t employ any third world sweatshops or use any forced labour.

I carry a small stock that are generally the “one size fits all” which will fit anyone whose maximum circumference does not exceed about 46 inches or about 120cm, they come in a variety of South American inspired textiles and also in plain cotton. I use some of the same materials as decoration on some of my bags and purses as well.

If I dont have anything in stock I will be pleased to make something for you from your choice of material and style.

My model here is the talented Elisa Lavera who is also a Yoga teacher, these photos were done in Crystal Palace Park on a beautiful late summer sunday morning.

There are a number different coloured materials available and the shirts come with optional zips, either full length of just at the top, seen here with some of my bags.

The combinations are almost infinite.

Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to order something.

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