Computer and other repairs

My first job when I left school was in the service department of a secondhand TV shop in West Croydon, we were fitting 3 channel tuners to ex rental sets that only had a single channel. Then selling them on for £10, that was 1960. It is rare now to come across a valve radio or tv, those old beasts can be repaired, though a lot of modern electronic equipment is not so easy to fix.

I have spent many years fixing computers of all kinds, though the more modern ones are increasingly difficuly to fix, that is to encourage you to spend more money and get a new one. Try me first, it may well be fixable.

However all manner of other stuff can still be repaired, I offer a repair service for all leather items including clothing, see separate page. And because I have been involved in many different fields in my life I can usually advise you about repairing any other broken or malfunctioning item, particularly small electrical or electromechanical items.

I am also involved in the Crystal Palace Fixers group on Facebook, we hold regular Repair Parties at the Upper Norwood Library, see this link for details

Dont hesitate to use the contact page to ask any questions you may have.

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