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India 2009, New Delhi

New Delhi, the administrative capital of India has a lot of interesting places for you to see, for me one of the best was the Crafts Museum, which has a number of resident craftspeople and lots of amazing things that they produce, from pottery to calligraphy. Also seen here are some traditional large terracotta pieces […]

India 2009, Madurai

I was lucky to go to India for a second time in 2009, here are some pictures from Madurai, famous for the Meenakshi Temple which dates back to before the time of Alexander the Great.


Barrierinhas is a small town in the state of Marañao in North East Brazil, I have friends there and have been there a couple of times Its is about 25 miles from the coast on a very winding river the Rio Preguçias, it is just over 3 degrees south of the equator, so it’s pretty […]


The himalayan part of India, not easy to get to, the roads are snowbound till May, and even when they are open it used to be a 2 day bus ride from Srinagar in Kashmir. But when I went there in 1982 I had the pleasure of flying in from Srinagar, it takes 25 minutes […]


My daughter has a house in Mulazzo, which is in Tuscany not far from Pontremoli, the nearest market town, it is north of the Magra Valley and has wonderful views of the Appenine Alps, here it is seen from above This was taken from a rest place about one hours walk up the hill by […]


I have been to Brazil a couple of times in the last few years, and have got to know a few people there up in the north east. There are a lot of things to be seen, the wildlife is particularly interesting When he is around, in the middle of the day all the other […]

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