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Furoshiki and frogprince bags

This is a new range of high quality bags.

They are made from new denim, twice washed before cutting, with leather gussets and handles. They feature original high quality cotton Japanese furoshiki. They have 2 internal double pockets and exchangeable short carrying handles and shoulder straps which have buckles. The dimensions are approximately 19 inches/48cm deep, 18 inches/46cm wide and about 3 and a half inch/9cm gusset, dimensions may vary slightly from bag to bag.

The furoshiki cat bags have different images on either side, the frogprince bags have the same image on both sides, but the vertical alignment may be different.

Furoshiki Cat bags

Frogprince bag

Tote bags

These tote bags are all made from cotton or linen, most of them now have canvas straps

linen tote bag
linen tote bag
linen tote bag
whale bag, cotton
owl bag, cotton
dino bag, cotton
bee bag, cotton

These are all available in small quantities, £15 each

Bucket bags

Bucket bags made from all leather, denim and leather, or canvas and leather. Bucket bags have 2 large inside pockets.

zipped leather bucket bag
leather bucket bag, closed with a zip, has inside and outside pockets
zipped leather bucket bag
Zipped leather bucket bag
denim bucket bag
Denim and leather bucket bag, no pockets in this one
canvas bucket bag
canvas and leather bucket bag, closed with a magnetic catch

Some smaller bags

Since small is the new large I am producing a range of smaller bags, these ones are all leather All leather with 3 zipped compartments, the 3rd is on the top. Dimensions 10 by 9 by one and half inches with a shoulder strap with a buckle. This one is a mini backpack with 2 […]

Some large bags

I have been making bags for many years, originally they were all made from leather, now I am making a selection of all leather and hybrid leather and denim. Bag made from upcycled denim and new leather, it is 16 inches wide by 11 inches high and has a 3.5 inch gusset, additionally it has […]

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