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Cactus in the greenhouse

Here are some pictures of some of the cacti and succulents I have grown and flowered over the years     astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum                 astrophytum capricorne the 2 of them together, both from seed about 1997      notocactus ottonis                                                  notocactus scopa     echinopsis eyriesii, very short spines                    echinopsis multiplex     parodia subterrania                                               parodia microsperma v. […]

The greenhouse in october

The cacti will not be watered till next spring at the earliest and the soft plants will be brought back inside fairly soon. Due to a rather cool damp summer the jalapeños are not at all hot, though they look good, hot peppers need hot weather and lots of sun to work properly. The regular […]

Greenhouse news

The greenhouse is used for crops which dont always do very well outdoors, hot peppers, pimento peppers, basil, and some years I do aubergines in there as well. I also have a small cactus collection which I have been tending for many years, I get some nice flowers most years, some of the cacti have […]

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