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Cactus flowers 2018

This summer has been very hot and the greenhouse has been up to 50ºC at times, this has suited the cacti and the basil very nicely so there are a few cactus flowers to show off.       Above left: Astrophytum capricorne              above right: Mamillaria grahamii       Above left: Parodia subterrania      above right: parodia microsperma       […]

Cactus in the greenhouse

Here are some pictures of some of the cacti and succulents I have grown and flowered over the years     astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum                 astrophytum capricorne the 2 of them together, both from seed about 1997      notocactus ottonis                                                  notocactus scopa     echinopsis eyriesii, very short spines                    echinopsis multiplex     parodia subterrania                                               parodia microsperma v. […]

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