Cactus in the greenhouse

Here are some pictures of some of the cacti and succulents I have grown and flowered over the years

astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum    astrophytum capricorne

astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum                 astrophytum capricorne

astrophytum sp.

the 2 of them together, both from seed about 1997

notocactus ottonis     notocactus scopa

notocactus ottonis                                                  notocactus scopa

echinopsis eyriesii    echinopsis multiplex

echinopsis eyriesii, very short spines                    echinopsis multiplex

parodia subterrania   

parodia subterrania                                               parodia microsperma v. weberiana

parodia rubristaminea

parodia rubristaminea

mammillaria spinosissima    mamillaria grahamii

mammillaria spinosissima                                   mammillaria grahamii

mamillaria sp.

a 40 year old clump of mammillaria sp.

orbea pulchella    stapelia grandiflora

orbea pulchella                                                       stapelia grandiflora, in a 12 inch pot

stapelia grandiflora, close up of flower

pachypodium bispinosum    pachypodium sp.

pachypodium bispinosum                      large pachypodium sp. in general view of greenhouse

pachypodium succulentum

pachypodium succulentum

rhipsalis burchellii    leuchtenbergia principis

rhipsalis burchellii, flowering in the kitchen                             leuchtenbergia principis



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